Do: Cycling in Singapore – Marina Bay Ride

So we are domestic tourists, all of us, in these Covid days. What better way to explore our own Lion City than by bike. When the kids were younger, the default cycling route would be East Coast Park and yeah, that’s about it. These days, with our Park Connector Networks (PCN) everywhere, it makes it possible to explore many parts of Singapore safely, via bicycle lanes.

We took a ride around Marina Bay area the day after our National Day celebrations. As expected, the area was thronging with people, all out to enjoy the holiday. We parked at the carpark at Satay-by-the-Bay, which incidentally, is a good place to start and end because, well, SATAY after some exercise is always a good idea 😛

Anyway, with lots of people out and about, rental bicycles with SG Bikes and Anywheel were lacking from where we started. We had to walk to Gardens-by-the-bay (about a 5 minute walk away) before we managed to find some “ride-able” bikes and pedalled off at about half past five. If you are not a very confident rider (like me), have kids with you (like me, although my teen rides way better than me) and do not have an aversion to crowds, this route around Marina Bay is one you should check out.

Passing by all the iconic landmarks from Gardens-by-the-bay, Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum, the Singapore Flyer, the Merlion and the skyline of our Central Business District, this ride was interrupted by unending stops to snap those Instagram moments. Hence the ride took us some 90 minutes. If not, it should be around 60 minutes or less. Oh, and if you are lucky, the otters will be out to play too.

Video of Cycling Route around Marina Bay Singapore

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