Eat: Ulamicious! Order home-made Nasi Ulam for an aromatic herbal feast

There are many renditions of Nasi Ulam (herbed rice salad), which is made and eaten across countries from Singapore and Malaysia to Indonesia and even Thailand. However, what makes a gorgeous Ulam is how you are bowled over by the explosion of flavours that fill your senses from the very first bite. Ricky’s Nonya-style Nasi Ulam is a multi-sensorial feast from first sight to mouthful. Rich green foliage adorning the platter is a feast for the eyes; cucumbers lend a textured crunch while the infusion of exotic herbs provide the complex layers of taste that the dish commands.

Nasi Ulam is best eaten on its own or can be accompanied by simple fried fish, a sambal or some relish, so that its herby tastes can be savoured thoroughly. As a rice salad, it is also served at room temperature and best of all, it is very healthy. If you feel like trying this dish, which takes a lot of effort to whip up, from sourcing for the right ingredients to deft knife skills, drop Ricky an email at



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