Do: Cycling in Singapore – Punggol Waterway to Coney Island

It had been raining all week so I thought it was unlikely that our cycling auntventure would take place. The heavens were kind though and that particular morning, it was cloudy but not rainy. So us aunties hastily decided to meet at Punggol for a morning pedal.

Punggol Waterway cycling route spans the riverine settlement (this conjures images of wooden huts on stilts, crocodiles and boats, but in truth, it is a highly developed area of public housing and condominiums flanking both sides of a man-made canal …) that is Punggol estate, goes around to Coney Island and out towards Lorong Halus wetlands. From there, we made our way back towards SAFRA Punggol from where we started. There is a decent bike rental outlet in SAFRA or if you want to save money, you can venture to hunt down some SG Bikes from the station by the canal. I had to rent a bike as I could not find an SG Bike that was the right height for me. On hindsight, it was probably a good idea to get a bike in better condition as Coney Island’s paths are mainly unpaved, making for a bumpier ride.

The total distance from Punggol to Coney Island (via the West entrance) and back was only some 10km but it made for a pleasant morning ride through varying terrain. Coney Island was pretty deserted on a week day save for some old uncles hanging out amongst the Casuarina trees. This ride is a good one to bring your kids since bicycle lanes throughout make it very safe and the kids can hop off to frolick in Punggol Waterway Park and food options are in abundance at the malls nearby. For us, the perfect snack to end the ride were the chicken wings at Wing Zone in SAFRA itself.

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